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Scavolini is capable of interpreting every space tastefully and rationally. Thanks to a wide range of products, Scavolini intercepts different styles and wishes, for everyone who wants design to make his home unique. 


To furnish the day zone functionally following your taste and style, for a young, versatile home where to spend the vest of days. Containers and bookshelves will free your space and organize every-day objects. 

San Giacomo, Calligaris, Cattelan, cinquanta3, Clei

Alberta, Bonaldo, Calligaris

Geometrical lines and welcoming volumes become a distinctive mark of the firm, always ready to renovate itself to better interpreter the modern living style. Tissues, finishes, colors are sapiently selected to create unique and exclusive products, capable to draw the space in which they are inserted with personality and a little bit of irony. 

The night as a private living dimension, to e enriched with new forms and materials to compose beds and groups from our collection. A wonderful trip made of tactile and visual sensations lets you choose among woods, lacquers, skins and tissues. Unmistakable Italian design will fuse beauty and function. 

San Giacomo, Calligaris, Cattelan, Cinquanta3, Clei

Every piece of furniture is chosen with passion, the original products coordinating harmonically to with the surrounding environment. 

Calligaris, Connubia, Cattelan, Vg, 


The quality and Design that only a distinct brand can grant. Scavolini chose to work with some of the most bathroom design representing architecture_office; Tighter with the design development Scavolini department, they gave life to different complete Bathroom collection representing by from, material and finiture a rich, personalized offer. Functional solutions e innovations complete the offer and help to make this ambitious project an important piece during the evolution of bathroom design.

Hotel room comfortable for the travelers, designed on confort and relaxation. 

Cinquanta3, De Rosso, San Giacomo

the highest quality products thought as if unique; it is on the subjectivity that movi' s ideas find theyr natural destination. a complete offer from opening types to materials e fainters, revisited in design, to answer global desires. 

Movi, Cinquanta3, De Rosso, Albed

London art reaches out to designers and professionals to personalize e  every ambient thanks to ist design service. Every subject is unique and different by from color and measurement.


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